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Saturday, June 25, 2011

How to really use the Internet


Hugh MacLeod’s recent post with the same title (forgive me Hugh) Smilemotivated me to write this post to explain why I bought the BlogPress app for my iPad to facilitate my use of the Adonit keyboard which I just bought. This post started as a review of BlogPress, but I really haven’t used it yet. Anyway, I found a BlogPress review for WordPress blogs, but I’m still looking for one relevant to Blogger users which was my motivation for buying it.

Instead, I’ll be reacting to Hugh’s recent post in which he makes the case for blogging which has always been a challenge for me personally. As you can see from this blog, I can do it well enough, but I don’t do it “often enough” or regularly! Sad smile

I’m hoping that the combination of the iPad, Adonit, and BlogPress will remedy that! Although I’ve been primarily using Twitter to interact with people who I care about as well as to express serious opinions via tweets about news and opinion shows which I'm viewing, I do admit to longing for a “totally different league of Internet use” as Hugh implores us to aspire. I recognize that the “Internet has given us a HUGE, life-changing opportunity that simply didn’t exist a generation ago” and I admit that I’ve been wasting it!

How about YOU?

I’ll be meeting Hugh at next month’s NASA TweetUp for the last space shuttle launch (see? I haven’t even posted about that!) so I’ll be talking to him about this and I hope to thank him someday as well.

TWO life-changing opportunities! Smile

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