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Monday, June 20, 2011

Happy Father’s Day to ME!


As a Father’s Day gift to myself, I ordered a refurbished iPad 1 a few weeks ago and was thrilled when it arrived on the day before we left for our recent visit to Indianapolis so I was able to test if I would be able to “survive” with it as my primary Internet device for an entire week. It passed that test!

For some time, I had been torn between buying a new iPad 2 or a refurbished iPad 1. That issue was settled by two factors. First, a review convinced me that the faster processor and two cameras on the iPad 2 were not features that particularly appealed to my use cases for the iPad. Second, I discovered that an iPad 2 model of the highly-rated Adonit keyboard did not yet exist. Since I really wanted a keyboard, I realized that the $150 price differential between a new iPad 2 and a refurbished iPad 1 would more than pay for the Adonit so that sealed the deal!

The keyboard arrived the day before Father’s Day so I was going to write this post with the Adonit, but decided to do that when I post about the BlogPress app since that was motivated by the acquisition of the Adonit.

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