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Friday, January 30, 2015

TPCA is on its way!

TPCA Instructional Technology Update: Winter 2014-2015

Last fall, I posted about our intention to deploy Google Apps for Education for pilot use. I am pleased to report that we have launched one pilot project in 8th-grade English and language arts enabled by a Windows-based “Chrome browser” laptop cart supplemented by “bring your own device” for students who have voluntarily chosen that option. A subsequent post will explain that project in greater detail.

In the meantime, let me share about what other progress has been made and where we are going to build on that progress. We intend to implement a curriculum in digital literacy with a Biblical worldview:

Standardization on Windows 7 Enterprise has been deployed on various hardware:
  • Laptop cart (primarily serving 5th and 6th grade)
  • Desktop computers in Media Center
  • "Chrome browser" laptop cart primarily serving 8th grade
The following planning efforts are underway for next school year:
  • Application for e-Rate federal subsidy to upgrade Internet access and WiFi infrastructure
  • Selection of Chromebook model for 1-to-1 rollout in junior high
  • Evaluation of Microsoft online products, e.g. Office 365 and OneNote
To insure the effective application of these tools for learning, planning for professional development is underway. The administrative team is currently being oriented to becoming "Connected Educator" role models for the rest of the staff. During the summer, teaching staff (especially junior high) will take advantage of Indiana Department of Education Summer of eLearning professional development opportunities in addition to peer coaching.

Current efforts to prepare for the future are underway:


is searching for a media teacher to develop and deliver a digital citizenship curriculum.

Middle school

is blogging at The Reading Eagles with other blogs and another Google Apps for Education pilot project to come.

Junior high

has launched its Google Apps for Education pilot project with the "Chrome browser" laptop cart. A search for "Connected Educators" is currently underway.

High school

students "bring your own device" for online courses. A search for "Connected Educators" is currently underway.

Watch for further progress reports because


 is on the move!
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