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Friday, July 8, 2011

#NASAtweetup: Day L-1


It was a rainy day in central Florida with a torrential downpour throughout much of the day at Kennedy Space Center (KSC)! The weather outlook for scheduled L-0 (July 8, 2011) is uncertain so as I write this post, I am hoping to get at least a little sleep before I check to see if NASA tanks the shuttle so that I know to begin my trek to KSC with as many as a million other people.

Most of those folks won’t get as great a view of the launch whenever it happens (I’m so glad I live near!) nor will they have the opportunity we had today to witness the retraction of the Revolving Service Structure at launchpad LC-39A (see photo above) in advance of preparing Atlantis for launch. While that was certainly the highlight of the day, we had a full day filled with activities as diverse as NASA briefings mixed with astronauts hamming it up with Elmo from Sesame Street! See my social media aggregation at NASAtweetup.info to get some sense of our day. My own lifestream (including my Flickr set) is on the “curator” tab.

Although I think I fell asleep (I woke at 3 this morning!) after dinner shortly after I got home from KSC, I’m going to get at least a little sleep now…hoping for good weather although a delay would give me a chance to recuperate! Smile

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