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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Did Florida Governor Rick Scott really do that?


Tonight, newly-elected Florida Governor Rick Scott held a “Twitter Town Hall” during which he tweeted in response to questions which had been tweeted during the last 24 hours including at least one question which was apparently tweeted DURING the event. I’ve had an entire day to “suspect” any number of theories regarding HOW and WHY he would do this, but I have come to the conclusion that this “PR stunt” merely confirms how much of a “miracle” his recent victory was indeed!

I did not vote in the primary election because I could not make up my mind between Governor Scott and former Attorney General Bill McCollum and until the day of the general election, it was still a toss-up in my mind between Scott and former Florida CFO Alex Sink. I won’t say who I did vote for, but in any case, Scott won by fewer than 100,000 votes or about 1 percentage point.

I hope he’s more successful at running the State of Florida and creating jobs (his major platform issue) than his handlers are at social media! During the event, Governor Scott TWICE responded to tweets addressed to @FLGovRickScott (Not Rick Scott), a Twitter account which “tweckled” during the Twitter Town Hall:

They were legitimate questions from a couple of tweeters, but I wouldn’t have chosen those two questions from among many good questions which were submitted during the day-long submission period.

Am I nit-picking?

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